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Before using the Services offered by GROOOVY SERVICES, S.A. Parque Esquina Sur, Cantón 9° de Heredia, Distrito 1°, San Pablo de Heredia - Costa Rica (hereinafter, the 'Company') through (hereinafter the 'Website'), we ask that you please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. If you do not agree with them, please do not access the Company's Services, closing this page immediately, since the request for or download of software implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the provision of the service of high-speed download of software, virus-free and without spyware (the 'Service') by the 'Company' to users through the Website.

1.2. The Service allows users to download software available on the Website from the Company's servers on to their computer hard disk.


The provider offers the provision of various products and value added services for mobile phones, such as music, videos, pictures, games, applications, sweepstakes, promotions, contests, participation in TV shows, voting, games of skill and information services subscriptions made through both the mobile phone and from Internet, among others. The provider offers these products and services through this website, wap pages and by sending short messages (Premium SMS) to the short numbers indicated in each case. The hiring of these products and services may be made, where appropriate, through the following types of contracts: a) Premium Service (SMS): Through this service the user can access from your mobile phone to the products and services offered by the provider at all times as the prices reported by sending an SMS text message to the short code and number release at all times. The total cost of each SMS is indicated in the notice of the Products and Services that are accessed through this modality. b) Subscription Service: This service allows the user to access various products and services provided by the supplier each time by receiving them regularly on their mobile terminal. The user can subscribe or register with the provider's services through this website, third-party websites (Landing page) or by sending SMS text message from your mobile phone to the short number where indicated by service at all times. Where discharge is made through this website or through a landing page, the user will be included in the corresponding phone number and accept the Terms and Conditions. Then get on your cell phone a message with a password that must be included in the relevant section of the Website or Landing Page for complete subscription. After confirmation for the service, the provider may send the user to a maximum of 25 weekly messages that allow you access to various contents provided by the supplier. The total cost of each SMS and subscription period shall be indicated on the landing page from which the user can access the subscription service. Procedure to cancel subscription service: Users can request cancelation of the subscription service at any time and free of charge by sending an SMS with the word STOP to the short number through which he had performed in the service discharge or short number indicated in the sms. They may also request cancelation by sending an email through The PROVIDER shall send the user a free confirmation message. Once the service has been cancelled the user is not entitled to continue to use the services. But after cancelation, the user who wishes may subscribe again at any time. c) Web service payments: This mode also allows the user to access to various products and services provided by the supplier at any time by receiving them regularly on their mobile terminal. As in the previous section, the user can subscribe or register with the provider's services through this website or websites of third parties (Landing page) in which the user will have to include in their respective section phone number and accept the Terms and Conditions. Then get on your cell phone a message with a password that must be included in the relevant section of the Website or Landing Page to complete the subscription. After confirmation of the high, the service is paid by weekly or monthly installments to be charged in the bill of mobile operator user, should be paid to contract, or to detract at all times the available balance of Users should be credited to prepay. The cost of periodic installments shall be indicated on the Web or Landing Page from which the user can access the subscription service. Procedure cancelation web payment service: Users can request removal web payment service at any time and free of charge by sending an SMS with the word STOP to short number to inform the user by sending an email through or requesting it through the procedure makes available the mobile operator user. The downloading of the contents may be associated with an added cost of navigation and data traffic from the mobile operator to provide services to the user and is independent of the services provided by the supplier. The amount of these costs will depend on the rates and conditions that each user has contracted with your mobile operator and in any case the supplier may be held liable for such costs. You agree, acknowledge and expressly hereby informed that the supplier may contract with a third company premium rate services consisting of sending Premium SMS. Such third limited company to provide the service with additional charges of micro-payments and / or Premium SMS messaging and content services that support the service provided by the supplier, assuming the user fully and in all respects the contractual relationship arising from these Terms and Conditions is set solely between the user and the provider. In this sense, in the advertising of short numbers through which the service is provided with additional charges as well as the content of the Premium SMS in question, will provide comprehensive information and enough about the identity of the company third. d) Services of credit card payment and / or debit card: the user can access the products and services provided by the Company at all times by choosing the option to pay by credit card or debit card. When the user selects this payment method he or she must include all the data necessary of the credit or debit card and any other information necessary and at last the user should accept expressly these Terms and Conditions. The amount of the periodic payment is indicated on the web or landing page from which the user can access the subscription service. Also, on the web or the landing page is stated the schedule of charges to be made by the Company. You agree with the payment of any fee caused by using this payment method.


3.1. The user will be solely responsible for the configuration of the technical aspects required for the use of the Service on their computer and/or mobile phone, as well as for the maintenance of such.

3.2. The Company holds all industrial and intellectual property rights to the logos, trademarks, text, software, graphics, images and all other types of content included on the Website. In this context, the user agrees to respect and not take any action which might infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights corresponding to the Company or third parties. Thus, the user agrees not to alter, manipulate, copy, reproduce or take any other action which might violate the rights of the Company or third parties regarding the content, their protective measures or references to copyright included on the Website.

3.3. The user agrees not to use this Website or the Service in any way which might damage, render unusable, saturate or prevent the normal usage of other users and, particularly, not to interfere with the functioning of the Website and not to saturate the bandwidth or any other technical element susceptible to damage.

3.4. The user will not take any action with the intention of transmitting elements which may contain viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs or any other element which might deteriorate, interfere with or completely or partially intercept the platform by means of which the Service is offered.

3.4. The user will compensate the Company for any damages, including legal aid and court fees, which it may incur as a result of the user's non-compliance with the obligations included in this clause, as well as any other obligations which may apply in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

3.5. The Company reserves the right to request that users justify, at any time, their compliance with the obligations set out in this clause and any others which may apply in virtue of these Terms and Conditions. It also reserves the right to cancel access to any user who is not able to justify their compliance with these obligations.


4.1. All personal data that the user provides to the Company, during the request for or subscription to the Services provided through the Website or at any time, will be integrated into a personal data file belonging to the Company. The purpose of this file is the appropriate monitoring and management of the relationship that the Company has with its users.

4.2. Thus, the user expressly consents to send their personal data. These will be used to send the user commercial information through any means of communication, including electronically or via telephone, regarding the products and Services provided by the Company or the companies of the Group to which it belongs. The user may opt out of the receipt of commercial information at any time by sending an email to the following contact address.

4.3. The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding their personal data via the sending of written communication to the headquarters of the %EMPRESA_DUENYA% , %DIRECCION_DUENYA%.


5.1. The Company provides its users with a technical support Service established solely for the purpose of dealing with and resolving problems, incidences or issues linked to the software download process. To access this Service, the user must send written communication to the contact email address.

5.2. The Company undertakes to deal with incidences encountered by users on the subject of the issues indicated in the previous paragraph of this clause. Under no circumstances will it deal with or resolve incidences concerning the software the user wishes to download or has already downloaded. If the user encounters any problem, incidence or issue linked to such, they must contact the owner of said software directly.

5.3. The technical assistance does not include assistance to users in the preparation, maintenance and configuration of the technical aspects necessary for the use of the Service on their computer or mobile handset, this being an obligation which will be undertaken, in all cases, by the user according to the provisions of clause 3.1. of these Terms and Conditions.


6.1. The servers and equipment belonging to the Company are adequate for the provision of the Service and download of software to which these Terms and Conditions relate and which are offered via the Website. However, there are other network elements which belong to electronic communications operators and which are beyond the control of the Company which have an influence on the provision of the Service and, particularly, which may affect the download speed. In this context, the user agrees with and accepts the fact that the Company will not be liable in any way if the download speed is slower than they would wish due to causes attributable to the network or third party elements.

6.2. The Company will not be liable for any defects or delays or for the failure of the Service caused by defects, interferences or errors on the mobile operator network, lack of network coverage to the mobile handset or any other cause attributable to the mobile operator or related to the use or alteration of the user's mobile phone handset.

6.3. The Website and the Company's systems have sufficient technical and organisational security measures to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality of communications according to the quality standards existing in the sector. Similarly, the Company has put controls in place to avoid the occurrence of breaches in security, including in relation to the Website, and has implemented the appropriate measures and procedures in its systems to minimise this type of risk. In any case, the user declares that he/she is aware of and accepts that Internet security measures are not impregnable, meaning that any communication sent via this means may be intercepted or modified by non-authorised persons.

6.4. The user agrees with and accepts the fact that the Website may contain inaccuracies or errors which will be rectified as soon as possible once the Company becomes aware of such.

6.5. The Company does not guarantee that the information sent through the Website is complete and accurate, and therefore takes no responsibility for damages caused to the user as a result of their access to the Website or use of the Services. It also is not liable in any way for the products and/or Services offered by third parties through the Website or through links to other Internet addresses.

6.6. The Company is not liable for potential security errors or defects which may occur through the use of a non-updated version of the browser, through the activation of the browser's password remembering system or damages, errors or inaccuracies caused by their malfunction.

6.7. The Company will not be liable for damages caused to the user by delays, errors or defects in the transmission of data or during download, by the unavailability of the platform, or by failures or interruptions occurring in communication or the alteration, destruction, inappropriate or incorrect use of or non-authorised access to data.

6.8. The Company declares that the Website has all the technology necessary to provide access to and allow use of the Services included therein. However, the Company does not guarantee the user continued, permanent, free access. The Company may therefore suspend access to the Website and the use of the Service to carry out modifications or technical improvements. It is therefore not liable to users for any damages caused as a result of such interruptions or the implementation of modifications or technical improvements. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the user therefore implies acceptance of the non-permanent availability of the Website.


7.1. The content of the Website and/or these Terms and Conditions may be modified by the Company, which will ensure that the amended Terms and Conditions are permanently accessible on the Website.

7.2. The user agrees to read the Terms and Conditions every time they access the Website or Service. Therefore, users' access to the website and use of the Services will imply acceptance of any amendments which may have been made to the Terms and Conditions or the Website.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the client both accepts and expressly agrees to the fact that the home page of their Internet browser will be automatically modified, so that once they accept, the default home page will be changed. To this effect, the client declares that he/she owns the computer and browser program or possesses sufficient rights to said elements to be able to modify the home page. The aforementioned modification of the home page may be undone at any time, the client having the option to change this again at any time.

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