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Logic games, also known as intelligence or puzzles games are those that require mental agility and sometimes quick reflexes. Puzzle games offer a lot of possibilities, ranging from logic, strategy, up to pattern recognition, completing words puzzles and more. The genre can be difficult to describe since lot of games have their unique gameplay style. They´re addictive, there is no question about it. We all know some of the most common and known puzzle games such as Tetris, where the player has to arrange blocks in horizontal lines. In other games such as Sokoban, we have to arrange objects and blocks to find and exit. Of course, there are action puzzles as well where we to have...


What's New / Always

DX-Ball 2 1.3

DX-Ball 2 is a game which resembles Arkanoid and which has a wide variety of background textures and an accompanying soundtrack.

Scrabble Demo

If you love Scrabble, you\\\'ll love this interactive version of the world\\\'s best-loved word game.

Alice Greenfingers 2

The Greenfingers family has long complained that Berry, your lazy uncle, should do something about his decayed farm. In each level, you are given tasks by your Uncle...

Puzzle Hero 1.8.1

Puzzle Hero is an original puzzle where our medieval hero will have to overcome a series of puzzles to save his brother from Zalock and his evil Army of Darkness!

Galactic Teddy 2: Back to home

The planet was attacked by evil monsters who stole the main value - the planet talisman.

Funny Chewer Demo

The Mafia with the chief Grouchy decided to seize chewing gum factory. A little PacMan nicknamed Chewer took a decision to penetrate into the factory and fight against...


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