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In Leisure and Entertainment we found a wide range of programs as alarms, small system utilities, applications that talent your skill and other that will make us spend a good time. The PC is not only a work tool, nor the instrument destined solely to the use of the Internet. There are hundreds of programs to have fun or learn and even some to obtain new and unthinkable uses of our pc. So why not to take advantage of them?

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smcFanControl 4.0

smcFanControl is a useful tool developed for Mac that enables us to administer our computer’s temperature at all times, giving us the possibility to have control...

iSquint 2.2

iSquint will convert your videos into the best possible format for you to play them on your iPod. You can sort videos by weight and size, as well as quality based on...

Sleep Blaster 1.1.1

Sleep Blaster is the alarm clock of the future. When the alarm rings, it gives you a chance to yell. When it hears you, it will stop the alarm! It’s that simple.

iAlertU 0.61 Beta

iAlertU is an application for protecting our MacBook that can only be enabled or disabled by means of an infrared remote control that it includes.

Pester 1.1 Beta 10 Build 36

Looking for a simple but effective alarm clock for your Mac? Look no further, Pester is what you need. Although this application doesn’t have a complex interface,

Wake Up 1.0 Beta 5

Waking up with your favorite music can be the best way to start your day and approach your obligations. This is now possible thanks to Wake Up.


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