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In Leisure and Entertainment we found a wide range of programs as alarms, small system utilities, applications that talent your skill and other that will make us spend a good time. The PC is not only a work tool, nor the instrument destined solely to the use of the Internet. There are hundreds of programs to have fun or learn and even some to obtain new and unthinkable uses of our pc. So why not to take advantage of them?

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Bubble Shooter Premium Edition 2.1

Bubble Shooter Premium Edition is a Puzzle Booble clone in which, just like in the game from which it takes its inspiration, you must match up 3 bubbles of the same...

ManyCam 1.2

ManyCam Virtual Webcam is an application thought to do a more entertaining use of the webcam when it’s used.

Bud Redhead 5.0

You play the part of Bud and you must save your loved one by crossing 4 worlds and completing the 20 levels of this enjoyable platform game.

Nanny Mania 4.0

Manage a busy household, hone your multi-tasking skills, and balance the needs of the family you\'ve been hired to help!

I wanna be the guy 3.3

You play the part of a little character capable of pulling off multiple jumps in the air, shooting little bullets and sliding along walls, who must make his way...


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