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In Leisure and Entertainment we found a wide range of programs as alarms, small system utilities, applications that talent your skill and other that will make us spend a good time. The PC is not only a work tool, nor the instrument destined solely to the use of the Internet. There are hundreds of programs to have fun or learn and even some to obtain new and unthinkable uses of our pc. So why not to take advantage of them?

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Granny in Paradise 3.1

A friendly little granny was enjoying a well deserved holiday with her kittens until someone kidnapped them whilst she was sleeping!

Marble Blast Gold 4.44

All you need to succeed in this madcap and challenging arcade-style action game is a steady, but quick, hand.

Santa Claus in Trouble 4.0

The aim of the game is to gather up all the presents that you find along your path and then load them onto your sleigh and deliver them all over the world.

Crazy Power Disc Perfect 4.1

Crazy Power Disc Perfect is game similar to Neogeo´s WindJammers, a game where you score points by throwing a flying disc into the opposite goal. It may seem easy,

Temple of Bricks 4.0

Classic, fun, brick-busting adventure is back. Get past level after level by busting the bricks, grabbing the jewels and avoiding the hidden dangers. This game...


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