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In Leisure and Entertainment we found a wide range of programs as alarms, small system utilities, applications that talent your skill and other that will make us spend a good time. The PC is not only a work tool, nor the instrument destined solely to the use of the Internet. There are hundreds of programs to have fun or learn and even some to obtain new and unthinkable uses of our pc. So why not to take advantage of them?

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DX-Ball 2 2.11

DX-Ball 2 is a game which resembles Arkanoid and which has a wide variety of background textures and an accompanying soundtrack.

Zombie Smashers X2 4.0

Take back the streets from the clumsy armies of undead with neck-snapping, decapping, back-breaking punk rock attitude!

Iringer 4.4

iPhone doesn´t have different ringtones when receiving calls, unless you customize it with your own melody. Here you have iRinger, a simple program to create your own...

Halo Demo 2

Halo is a first-person action game that is very reminiscent of games like Half-Life in that both games control the in-game events and timing magnificently. As a...


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