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The objective in all racing games as we know is to get to the goal before our competitors do. There is a great variety of vehicles to drive, mostly conventional ones such as cars and motorbikes with realistic graphics and an amazing speed feeling. Though this category is called simulators, it also includes games such as The Sims, which consists on creating characters thus simulating a real person´s life. On the other hand, there are several types of games where we have to manage different kinds of businesses and some others like Frets on Fire (a Guitar Hero clone) in which we have to virtually play a guitar, either with a gamepad or the keyboard.


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Micro-Flight 5.0

Micro Flight is a flight simulator specialising in ultra-lightweight aircraft and realistic weather conditions.

Snail Mail 3.0

Urgent delivery! Help Turbo the snail to deliver the intergalactic post. All the action of the arcade and maxxed out racing! The game features 3 gameplay modes, fun 3D...

Second Life

This is an online multiplayer game. What makes it different from others is that users enter a replica of the real world.

Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds combines hidden objects, yard sale brainteasers and room renovating fun.

Loco Mogul 2.1

Journey back in time to when steam locomotives ruled the rails. Play the role of a seasoned railroader as you try and build your own railroad empire, one track at a time.

Nanny Mania

Manage a busy household, hone your multi-tasking skills, and balance the needs of the family you\\\'ve been hired to help!


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