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In First Person Shooters (FPS) you have to eliminate all enemies you find on the screen in a first person perspective, so will see the weapons as if u had it on your hands. You have a wide range of weapons at your disposal, as well as armors, skills and powerful spells in non-realistic games. On the other hand, platform games are the ones most players know. It´s the classic genre where the player takes control of a character who can jump, shoot, crawl, climb and more. In some other games, in addition to having these simple actions, we are given the possibility to use guns, elevators or special skills.


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Colombian Lans

Help Mario rescue his beloved princess. Enter different pipes and face dangerous enemies.

RotoAdventures Momo's Quest

Beautiful handcrafted graphics tell the story of Momo a little squirrel in a life quest for finding his owner.

Funky Farm 2

Piper the hep cat is throwing a party at the end of the month.

Super Granny 3

Granny loves her kitties, but she needs your help.


After years of slumber, the Sweetopia candy factory is having its grand reopening.

Teddy Factory

To keep the flow of free teddy bears arriving to your orphanage, you are forced to take a second job at the nearby teddy bear factory.


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