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Customer service Frequently asked questions about the services: 1st Clicks


. What is 1st Clicks?
1st Clicks is a parental control program that enables parents to block their young child's access to the desktop, and specify what their child can access on the computer. 1st Clicks additionally protects your computer files and settings from being deleted or changed by your children, or by an inexperienced user.


. How do I protect my settings from being viewed or changed by non authorized persons?
1st Clicks is a password protected program. To prevent unauthorized access to the control panel of the 1st Clicks program and changing your settings by any other person, we strongly recommend you set up an administrator's password as soon as possible after installing 1st Clicks.


. How do I block a certain program, game or website from accessing the Internet?
In the same window, click on Allowed games/web sites/Programs list, and in each windows you can add or delete game, websites or programs to the list.


. How can I avoid my child from closing 1st Clicks?
Without the password you child will not be able to access 1st Clicks. A password window will appear when he attempt to open it.


. I forgot my password, what can i do?
If you have forgotten your program password as well as the prompt "question-answer", then you need to click on "Forgot". If the trial version is not activated, then you can enter the word "trial" as password and the forgotten password will then be restored.

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